Darryl Hartwick, May 22 2020

Just wondering

10 Questions that begin with “Why is it that …”

1.  we are positive that our mind dislikes negativity and uncertainty?

2.  when we are walking up a steep hill and our leg muscles are burning with pain, that we vow to lose weight, but then forget that self-promise the second the pain subsides?

3.  we have a habit of putting the needs of others ahead of our own?

4.  we don’t trust our gut instinct when making difficult life choices?

5.  the weather forecast is always wrong, on the days we really need it to be right?

6.  when we experience writer’s block, we start playing with the fonts and spacing in the document we’re working on?

7.  we view each day as a battle to be conquered, rather than an amusement park ride to be enjoyed?

8.  sometimes we choose to fight battles that we do not own?

9.  love conquers all?

10. we hope and pray that the motivation that we need to live a better life is contained in the next self-help book we read?

Why is it?

Darryl Hartwick is a journalist, broadcaster, and post-secondary educator who has a passion for interviewing and storytelling.

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Darryl Hartwick

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