Darryl Hartwick, May 16 2020

A call to action

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  You have no doubt seen this famous motivational quote from Mahatma Gandhi on a mug, fridge magnet, or t-shirt. The famed Indian social activist and politician took  a stand for what he believed in and was admired for his doctrine of using peaceful protest to highlight the need and desire for change.

What is the change that you wish to see in a post-pandemic world?

I’ve had some quality time to reflect on that question during the past couple of months, and I have decided to voice my support for bolstering a culture of understanding and positivity.

Instead of hoping for the best, I am going to take up Gandhi’s call to action and I have challenged myself to do less thinking, and more doing. I have woken up to the the realization that I have more runway behind me than in front of me, so the time is now to be the change I wish to see in the world.

So, here’s my action plan:

1.      Make a concerted effort to highlight and elevate what went right today

2.      Look consistently for the positive in every life experience

3.      Be a strong advocate for goodness, truth, and tolerance

In my circle of friends there is a growing appetite for change in the world, as many of us question if we really want things to return to the so-called “normal” in the days and weeks ahead.

Darryl Hartwick is a journalist, broadcaster, and post-secondary educator who has a passion for interviewing and storytelling.

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Darryl Hartwick

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