Darryl Hartwick, June 9 2020

Moving forward: My top 10 list

I have spent at least a couple of minutes each day over the past number of months pondering what the so-called “new normal” will look like as we slowly start to emerge from our pandemic cocoons. The fact of the matter is we are not in control of the colours, the shapes, and sizes that will form the bigger picture of life's altered landscape. There is no question the uncertainty can be unsettling.

However, we are in control today of our thoughts and actions – our dreams, hopes, and our goals. Here's a list of what I am choosing to focus on in the days ahead. I encourage you to craft your "top ten" and then review the list each morning.  It will help you to set a positive, productive, and personal new normal for your day.

Darryl’s Guiding Principles

1.      Don’t just think … DO!

2.      Drink more water. Eat less food.

3.      Simplify.

4.      Care more. Worry less.

5.      Foster a daily attitude of gratitude.

6.      Take a few more calculated risks.

7.      Meditate and practice self-care daily.

8.      Do more reading and writing. Consume less news.

9.      Accomplish one thing today, that will positively impact your life one year from now.

10.   Remember that  you are ENOUGH.

Darryl Hartwick is a journalist, broadcaster, and post-secondary educator who has a passion for interviewing and storytelling. 

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Darryl Hartwick

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